Thursday, 2 July 2009

Edgy Toad

I've been thinking about making this toad for over a month now. I had the idea when I had this weird job with those two weird people at their weird company. They were setting up their very bland IKEA et al. office (I think they thought it looked very modern/western), and since they liked money very much, I thought the office needed a lucky toad mascot-thing, like those traditional "money toads" that Chinese people like to have around their money making places. Too bad they fired me before I could even get started on it.

Of course, surely I wasn't going to make just another traditional toad, those are a dime a douzen on the night markets. I had in mind a toad with much more personality, and a much greater appetite as well. One that wouldn't be content with mere coins, but stacks and stacks of bank notes!

Now, with this ready image in my head, I suddenly remembered while watching some rerun, that I have a big box of Lego sitting right in front of me (yes, I need to remember things that are right in my face, problem?), so I started building a 3D sketch to get a feel of things.
In case you're wondering, it's white because it's imaginary plaster.
(Hmm... not very good for sketching is it... Lego...)

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