Thursday, 16 July 2009

I have too much beer in the house

Alright, I AM a little drunk, but I just had this idea - why couldn't I have an exhibition in my own house? What says that if I have a good range of work, nicely presented, and gather a crowd, it doesn't qualify as an exhibition!?

After about five years of nothing, I'm eager to get my work seen. The exhibition in New Orleans just closed earlier this month, and I'm working on a new project for a gallery in the UK, and two juried exhibitions in the US, but it's always tough to get your work out there, leave alone all the fees when you're already skint! So what should stop me from having my very own "private view" of my newest work? Sure, it's not a "professional" crowd as would be at a gallery, but so what? Not everyone who goes to gallery private views knows how to analyse a painting. And those who would come to my show would be even more "select"!
I've already drilled a douzen holes in the wall to put up frames, shelves and other support, the canvases and found materials are queuing up, so what are we waiting for!
Let's have a party!! :D

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