Monday, 10 August 2009

Big Sea

So the day after I posted the last blog saying I'd probably not be selected, I got an email saying that I WAS in! And that I should send ALL my proposed paintings! Imagine how pleased I was to hear that! So today I wrapped up the three paintings that I have here and entrusted them to my beloved to send tomorrow, hopefully the paint is dry enough not to go funny on the way...
I don't know much about the gallery they'll be shown in but that it is in Wyoming (mid-west they call it?), so probably can't be anything extravagant (?), but I'm well chuffed to have two exhibitions going down in less than six months, you've got to start somewhere! :)
The same day I received the "you're in" email, I also received another email from a gallery in Montreal, saying they saw my work and would like to invite me to exhibit in 2010/11. My initial reaction was "this must be a scam!". But the email was very legit, the website proper, and when I googled it lots of stuff came up; friends I consulted also said it looked real. It's a place called "Gallery Gora" in Montreal, "situated in the heart of the cultural district, adjacent to the Musee d'Art Contomporain"...
I got so nervous I was shaking! Of course if it's all for real I would LOVE to exhibit there, I pretty much jump at any chance of exposure, and just down the road from the local contemporary art museum as well! But there had to be a catch. The cost of a solo exhibition is $2500 plus $700 deposit (for WHAT!?); and the cost for joining a group exhibition is $250 for the first painting, and $150 for every additional piece, plus 20% deposit. Paintings larger than 3 feet across are considered as two paintings!! Now that, for me, is some serious money that I don't have.
Now my question is, is this normal practice? Or is this just a rich kids' club gallery? Would it really be worth it? I've always believed that good things don't come easy, so I'm finding it difficult to believe that something coming so easy coul be any good. Plus they didn't even say where they saw my work and which pieces they are interested in. So if you, kind reader, know anything about this gallery, or you know anyone who might do, please tell me! I'd be very grateful.

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