Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Trial and Error

For the last two weeks, I've been working on a series of paintings for a juried exhibition, they said the result would be out by Aug. 3rd, and I haven't heard from them yet, so I'm probably not in, but that's fine.
The paintings are basically reworked images of photographs I took before. I find it much more involving to alter the images and intensify the colours etc. by painting them, rather than fiddling around with the computer. I'm not that digital a person. Needless to say the texture and feel of the paint is a completely different animal from that of photography.

The theme of the juried call for entry was "Nocturnes", a subject that I can easily relate to as I spend a lot of my days at night. What's more, I had recently painted two pieces that were shown at a gallery in New Orleans which just happened to be of the night.

The images for the "Nocturnes" project were also square, so I decided to use the canvases left from this previous project. It wasn't long before it became obvious though that the format was far too small (12"x12") for the images to realise their potentials or make any proper impact, by this point, however, there was no longer enough time to order larger canvases (everything is ready made here, and you only get a very limited range, anything even slightly out of the ordinary has to be ordered... ) and repaint them. Given that there was not much that could be done, I proceded with the small canvases regardless, and they don't look so bad after all. I emailed them out along with the two previous paintings.

Now, even if I never hear from this gallery
again, it will have been a good excercise, I've learnt a lesson and I think I might just repaint them in the right format when the time comes, and develop this theme and method further.


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    I think your paintings are awsommmmmeeee assssss... they evoke soo much feelings especially the landscape ones.. ! like ahhhhh i like i like !!
    oh and the gallery thing!! UMM it's awfully expensive! like definitely have to do some more research before giving them the $$ sounds like they just want some $$!

    of cos i have no experience in this.. but some of the cafe's in hamilton - they don't charge to exhibit but just take 10% off whatever you make for selling your paintings! but of cos Cafe is much different to a Museum.

    anyway ciao BABE LOL!!

  3. Thanks! I'm glad you like them, more to come soon! :)
    Yeah I think it's a rip off, maybe next time you should introduce me to some place in NZ? Like a caf in Hamilton? I mean 10% is well cheap!