Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Nocturnes, nightmare.

I haven't been around lately cos my mum was in hospital for maintenance, but in the meantime life outside went right on.
The "Nocturnes" exhibition at the Ciao Gallery, Wyoming happened as planned. I was told that viewers "enjoyed my work very much", and one of my paintings was even featured in a local newspaper, representing the entire exhibition! It's only a small local newspaper, but I ain't complaining! :)
Here's the article, the page and the front page. I thought the adverts next to the article were just hilarious!

While that was great news, a lot of other things didn't go quite so well. First of all, I had to ask the good people of the BECA Gallery in New Orleans to send over the two paintings they still held. They were very helpful and professional, and arranged for UPS to send them over. However, Ciao didn't give the full address (it was Jackson Hole instead of just Jackson)and the paintings arrived after 5 days instead of the supposed 2 days, hence missing the delivery deadline. I emailed but never got any reply whether they made it in to the show at all. In fact, Ciao never replied to any of my emails. The exhibition finished on the 7th and I still don't know if any of my paintings have sold. Neither did I get any reply when I asked to have the works returned, if they were unsold...
Now, I must admit I was never 100% happy with the paintings, and wanted to repaint them in a much larger format anyway, so I don't even mind if I never get them back. As far as I'm concerned, they could be like grown children who've left the house and are living their own lives now. But for a gallery to behave like that is just not on, and I am very disappointed. I'll keep trying to establish contact with the black hole, but I can't do much else, after all, I'm on the other side of the world. Meanwhile, all you people out there beware! Don't let this happen to you!


  1. I hope you hear back from them Jo, even an apology would not be out of place! But let's hope they got sold :)


  2. As soon as I posted this rant, I FINALLY got a reply from them last night! Saying the season is really busy etc, and that they would have to this that and the other to answer my requests...
    Oh and nothing sold.