Monday, 1 October 2012


I am grateful that you asked me those questions.
In hindsight I realise I shouldn't need to justify myself to anyone, even you.
But we were drunk, and we loved the chase.
I felt obliged to come up with the answers, as I always do, and failed, as i often do.
And that was precisely the point.
Your questions were simple, direct, frank and honest, I had nowhere to hide, like I'm so used to. 
The fabric remained on my body, but I was stripped and cornered, yet thankful.
No one had bothered to look for my soul in such a manner. So doggedly, sincerely, yet nonchalantly, casually.
Because "that is what you do".
When I flinched, I regretted it the minute after.

If moments were made of carbon, this would have been a diamond. Well.. for me at least :)